Cosmetics Businesses in Dallas

Dallas, Texas, in the United States, is home to a vibrant and growing cosmetic community. With a strong focus on beauty, skincare, and wellness, the city offers a diverse range of products and services to cater to various consumer needs and preferences.

One notable trend in Dallas’ cosmetic scene is the adoption of sustainable practices. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment, many local businesses have responded by implementing eco-friendly production methods and sourcing raw materials ethically. Some examples include using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and using recycled or biodegradable packaging. Another important aspect of the Dallas cosmetic landscape is cosmetic product testing.

To ensure the safety and efficacy of their products, many companies conduct extensive testing before bringing them to market. In Dallas, there are several reputable laboratories and testing facilities that offer a range of services, from product stability testing and microbiological analysis to toxicology assessments and clinical trials. These services help ensure that cosmetic products meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations for quality and safety.

In summary, Dallas, Texas, is a hub for the cosmetic industry, with a thriving community of businesses that prioritize sustainability, innovation, and consumer safety. Whether you’re a consumer looking for the latest beauty products or a business seeking to bring a new cosmetic to market, Dallas offers a range of resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Cosmetics Businesses Listed in Dallas

  • Sabrena Experience

    Sabrena Experience

    Sabrena Experience is a full-service Design, Private Label, Cosmetic Development, and Manufacturing laboratory based in Dallas, TX. Our team of experienced scientists, formulators, researchers, and marketers are dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results. We specialize in creating innovative and high-quality formulations that drive value for indie and prestige clients. Our services range from…

  • Full Circle Solutions

    Full Circle Solutions

    Full Circle Solutions is a Dallas-based cosmetics laboratory that has been an industry leader in private label skincare and turnkey product development for both cosmetics and nutraceuticals for over 20 years. Our top priority is to achieve advanced innovation through a wide range of services that include client guidance, private label services, custom formulation, contract…

  • Goodier Cosmetics Inc

    Goodier Cosmetics Inc

    Goodier Cosmetics Inc is a Dallas-based cosmetics laboratory that specializes in the manufacture of cosmetic products. Founded in 1922, Goodier is the preferred CDMO for clinically efficacious performance skincare brands, with 4/5 of all physician-dispensed brands choosing Goodier. Their 110,000 sq ft of manufacturing space houses 600+ in-market formulations, 4000+ formulations in the library, 2500+…