Cosmetics Businesses in Colorado

Colorado’s natural beauty and vibrant culture have made it an attractive destination for various industries, including the beauty and cosmetics sector. With an increasing emphasis on eco-friendly practices and sustainable living, Colorado’s cosmetic industry is not only contributing to the state’s economy but also setting new standards for sustainability and zero waste.

One notable development in Colorado’s cosmetic industry is the adoption of green practices and sustainability. Many beauty brands in the state are embracing the zero-waste skincare movement, utilizing locally sourced and organic ingredients, and minimizing their carbon footprint through recycling and composting initiatives.

Moreover, Colorado’s cosmetic regulations have evolved to reflect the state’s commitment to environmental stewardship. In 2022, Colorado enacted a ban on the entire class of per- and polyfluorinated (PFAS) chemicals from cosmetics. PFAS have been linked to health issues and environmental contamination, making their removal from cosmetics a significant step towards protecting public health and the environment.

The importance of the cosmetics industry in Colorado’s economy cannot be overlooked. According to a report by the Personal Care Products Council, the beauty industry in Colorado generates over $4 billion in economic activity and employs more than 18,000 people. With a dominant retail role and a growing number of local and national brands, the sector continues to be a vital contributor to Colorado’s economy.

Colorado’s cosmetic industry is a thriving sector that not only reflects the state’s natural beauty and commitment to sustainability but also plays a significant role in the economy. By adopting eco-friendly practices, implementing stringent regulations, and fostering local innovation, Colorado’s beauty industry is setting new standards for the cosmetics industry as a whole.

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Cosmetics Businesses Listed in Colorado

  • Nature’s Root CBD & Hemp

    Nature’s Root CBD & Hemp

    Nature’s Root CBD & Hemp is a trusted, award-winning, organic, hemp and CBD cosmetics laboratory based in Longmont, Colorado. Since 2014, Nature’s Root has been committed to developing products that bring about rejuvenation and whole-body healing. Consciously crafted for you and for the planet, Nature’s Root offers a wide range of organic body care and…